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Robert Life Coach

  • Inner Body Awareness.
  • Practice of Acceptance
  • Control Your Thoughts
  • Emotions Awareness 
  • Enhanced Perception  

Discover Gateways to Presence

  1. Meditation
  2. Biofeedback
  3. Body Awareness
  4. Mind Awareness
  5. Heart Awareness

Learn how to put yourself in a state of lasting calmness and focused attention.  Optimize clear thinking, sleep well, and enjoy your day.  Easy and fun Biofeedback "games" teach awareness and control of your physical and emotional states. 

In counseling we join with our clients to build a relationship of trust and candor.  Our counseling is based on principles of Presence, Acceptance, Forgiveness, and Mindfulness - mainstays of our human experience for thousands of years.


Awaken to Real Joy!

Whether you want to discover you life's purpose, clarify goals, or just break free to a world of possibilities, Life Coaching is worth trying.  Our coaching provides a semi-structured process to uncover blocks, practice self-awareness, and achieve life-changing results. 



Biofeedback Training

Life Coaching